Bunker operations

  • Enter your vessel with bunkering port, eta and bunkering window
  • The vessel will appear in the list with a green, yellow or red light
  • Green light bunker today
  • Red light, wait until suggested date, the system will(can) change the optimal date after next forecast
  • Yellow light, not in bunker window.

Estimated & Reported bunker prices

  • Latest price: latest index price from BunkerEx
  • Estimated price: Calculated bunker price based on previous bunker compared prices with current oil price
  • Min discount: The lowest discount achieved based on previous bunker operations in the current port and quality
  • Average discount: Based on previous bunker operations in current port and quality
  • Max discount: The highest reported discount based on previous operation in the same port and quality

Pressure Index

  • Pressure index is designed to estimate the supply situation in the chosen port
  • Red light: indicate tighter supply
  • Green light: indicate sufficient supply.
  • The supply situation is calculated based on the latest bunker price deviation from oil price during the last few days.

Forum Forecast

  • Brent forecast from the system. 10 business days forecast horizon.
  • Brent forecast is used as input to the traffic light algorithm creating the daily traffic lights.
  • IFO380 – MGO – VLSFO; Daily 10 days forecast for the different qualities in the selected port.
  • Hourly forecasts updated every hour to optimize intraday timing. 5 hours forecast horizon.

Port differentials

  • Made to support the decision whether to bunker in the first or alternative port.
  • Day 1,2,3…. Ahead indicates the expected development in the price differential between the ports.
  • Input to the model from system forecast and the recent historic differential between the ports.
  • Mouseover the black line, and it will indicate the port to bunker

Estimated vs. reported bunker prices

  • Linear regression to calculate the time to mean reversion, if quoted bunker prices deviate from average bunker prices
  • Estimated port prices from historical data.
  • Gives an indication

Historic bunker operations

  • Record of the latest bunker operations in current port
  • More input after bunkering offers more data to improve future bunker operations